About Me

Hey, I’m Mia. I’m on my first long term solo trip, and I started in September 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then I’ve been slowly making my way east through Europe, staying an average of two months in each country. When I left my hometown of Portland, Oregon I was lugging around a giant suitcase full of everything I thought I could possibly need or want. Then every time I went to a new city I dropped a few items along the way, and I now carry just 13 kilos on my back. My passion is for talking with local people, learning about their life situation and writing about it. While I travel there’s always a quest for finding mountains and climbing them, by foot or by bicycle. Show me some fantastic art and I’ll be happy. I want to live a simple life. Give me enough money to get by, some nature and a notebook and I’m all set.

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